Top 10 Advantages of NordVPN for Any Business

A Virtual Private Network is a wonderful invention that doesn’t only help users from all across the globe stay anonymous but is very helpful for businesses. There are lots of providers that always compete for being the best on the market. However, so far, NordVPN offers the best solutions for business purposes. Let’s discuss its top advantages that are sure to make you consider choosing this provider.

The best features for any business

Along with high-level security, you’ll get a dedicated IP address of a server. Each account gets this feature so that you and your employees have stable access to the files and data. The IP address, in this case, can be individual or shared, based on your preference.

Moreover, business accounts will also have centralized billing. This is very convenient regardless of the size of your business. Just pay in one check and learn how to protect business with VPN.

Another wonderful feature is a dedicated account manager. NordVPN will provide you with someone who will personally take care of any occurring issues or needs.

This provider also offers user administration which is very convenient and easy. You’ll be able to control all VPN licenses from one administrator account. It actually leads to another advantage which is a license transferability. In case you have any new employees, you may simply transfer a user license that belonged to an old one.

The general advantages available to every user

Your business is sure to benefit from all VPN services, even the ones that are common for each user. For instance, the military-grade encryption protects all your Internet traffic to prevent any leaks.

Moreover, NordVPN has a very simple and user-friendly interface that allows you to turn it on and off with one click. It runs on all major platforms like Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. This makes it even more convenient if your employees use their personal devices that can run on various operating systems.

A strict zero-log policy guarantees your privacy. This means the company doesn’t log, track or store your online activities.

While every user gets 24/7 support, business accounts have an even better option. The provider offers priority support from professional and experienced assistants.