The Division 2 acquires a machine-gunner

The Division 2 has been updated. As a result, the game offers a new class of warriors. The Machine Gunner comes to the game, joining the specializations Accurate Shooter, Shot-Firer, and Survival Expert. The specialization will also open access to a new branch of skills, weapons, and gadgets.

In combat, the Machine Gunner uses a powerful machine gun, which will allow him to flood enemies with the rain of bullets. The class also enables you to issue additional ammunition to team members and also utilize a foam grenade that stops opponents. The profession will also open a new modification for the Impulse, which will enable to deafen opponents nearby.

Furthermore, the specialization imposes restrictions. For example, when the weapon is activated, the character will be unable to hide behind cover or roll.

The owners of the seasonal pass will automatically get access to the new specialization, while the rest of the gamers will have to perform a special field study.