The Beta version of will be launched on Android

The Facebook company has recently launched its, the online gaming hub like Twitch. The purpose of this feature is to attract gamers to watching interesting videos on Facebook but not on other websites. It shows videos based on user preferences, pages they follow, videos and groups they like.

The system will show you videos you would like to see. It is developed specially for gamers so it should be convenient for them. Now, Facebook has announced that they will also release the Android version of platform.

Beta testers already have access to this app. According to the Play Market description, this program provides gamers with the gaming content, gives them the ability to speak with game creators and play different games like Words with Friends, Basketball, etc.

Users of this app are able to follow streamers, publish their own content, and find videos based on their interests. They can also participate in conversations with other viewers. When doing this, they can use standard Facebook emoji.

If you are also a gamer and want to try this app, you can easily download and install it from the Google Store. You can also use the online platform if it’s more convenient for you.