Paper crypto wallets

As mentioned earlier, cryptocurrency wallets are a set of digital keys linked together. Everything else is just a convenient user interface. The easiest way to create a crypto wallet is to generate a public and private key, and then write them on paper. To do this, just visit one of the special services, which will generate a couple of keys, prepare them for printing, and then delete the data about them. For convenience, the services also offer registration of addresses in QR codes.

In terms of computer security, it’s undoubtedly a reliable way to store your crypto assets due to the fact hackers won’t be able to reach out to your private key. With such storage, you should not expect threats from the virtual world. On the other hand, such an approach to storing your digital coins generates a number of new issues. The matter is that paper doesn’t appear to be a durable material all. As follows from this, it can easily tear, get wet, or burn. What’s more, it can’t make you immune to scammers because by simply accessing your sheet of paper with the code, they will be able to get to your Expanse wallet and you won’t be able to have your data recovered.

To use such a wallet, keys should be integrated into any convenient program, but it should be noted that after that they are no longer stored without access to the Internet. It means that if you wish to store your savings in cold storage, you will need to create a new wallet. For easy integration, a backup copy of the keys can be saved on a flash drive that will enable you to create a prototype of a hardware wallet. However, you should realize that the flash drive doesn’t have similar protection against viruses and cyber-attacks.

Aside from that, we should add that paper cryptocurrency wallets can’t be multi-currency. They’re generated separately for each digital currency. On the official website, you can get a couple of keys for a certain type of cryptocurrency.

If you’re interested in the very idea of using paper cryptocurrency wallets, you can make use of the following private key generation services:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Litecoin;
  • DASH