How to Improve your Windows 10 Performance

The Windows 10 is already optimized for the high performance and fast speed of actions. However, it is recommended to optimize it more to get the best from your operating system. There are several things that you should do in order to improve the performance.

Clean out Your Hard Drive. Programs generate a lot of files that become unnecessary but still use the space on your drives. To clean these files, go to the Settings, open the System section, and click Storage. There you need to turn the Storage Sense on. You can also customize the settings of this feature, select how often it should clean out your hard drive and what information it is allowed to clean.

Disable Visual Effects. They make your system look well but they also reduce your performance. If the speed of your system is more significant for you than the visual effects, open the System properties of your PC, go to Advanced tab, and click Performance. There you can turn off shadows, animated controls, animations in the taskbar, and other visual effects you don’t need.

Use Malware and Adware checkers. Some programs are installed on your PC, running all the time, and don’t do anything helpful for you. There may also be viruses and ad programs that slow your system down. To get rid of them, you should install the good anti-malware and anti-adware programs and run the scans at least once a week.