How to Boost the Speed of Your Windows 10

When you run Windows 10 on the powerful hardware, it will probably work very fast. However, you can increase its speed even more. It will save a lot of your time and help to do usual actions more quickly.

Change the Power Settings. There are a few different power plans in the system. If the Power saver plan is on, it reduces your PC performance to make it supply less energy and save your battery charge. However, it reduces the speed of your PC. If you have a good battery and the fast performance is more significant for you than the time of working from the battery, you can select the usual Power plan.

Disable Startup Programs. When you install different programs, many of them start with the system and slow down it. They are working all the time when you are using your PC. If you don’t need them or if you are going to launch them only when you want to use them, disable their autorun. To do it, open the Task manager and go to the Startup page, there you will be able to change the settings.

Turn of Search Indexing. This feature helps you to find your files very fast because of the special search index. However, while it is working, it may cause the slow performance of your system. If you don’t use the Search very often, you may turn Search indexing off.