Fire OS tablets for 2019: Best gadgets

Still hesitate, whether you should try Amazon’s tablets? What are the best tablets, provided by Fire OS for 2019? Find a list of extremely affordable tablets below.

  • Fire 7. The tablet has a decent display and great battery life. However, it has a limited internal storage, which might be not enough for playing several big games. Nevertheless, the tablet is surely worth its price.
  • Fire HD 8. Having an 8-inch screen, the tablet offers an incredible user experience. The device has a larger space for games and apps, as well as an improved battery life. But, the Fire HD 8 has poor cameras compared to its analogues.
  • Fire HD 10. This device has the best amount of memory, display and battery from the line of Amazon’s tablets. Being still cheap and easy-to-use, Fire HD 10 is likely to be incredibly popular among gamers in 2019.

Note: All Amazon’s tablets don’t support apps from Google services. You will need to get your games and apps from the Amazon app store. Therefore, some games, which are not so popular, might be unavailable for Fire tablets.