Find Out Whether Your Facebook Profile Was Hacked

A few weeks ago, there was a breach in the Facebook system. Because of the hackers, millions of profiles were stolen and the wrong people got the information from these accounts. There is a high probability that your account was also in the list of these 30 million profiles.

To check if you need to worry about hackings and change your password, start by opening the Facebook Help center where you will find more information.
Move to the “Is my Facebook account impacted” section. There you will find a “Yes” or “No” answer that shows whether your account was one of the impacted or not. You will also receive a special notification in your news feed.

If you are on this list, it doesn’t mean that all your information including password was hacked. The hackers may have only your email or a phone number. They can also have access to the birthday and other information.  There was also a million users with stolen access tokens.

Even if you are not in this list, it is recommended to change your password and credit card details. Delete information from your profile that you don’t want to be shared. If possible, ask your bank to change the PIN code of your cards.