Facebook Bans Hundreds of Profiles Because of Inauthentic Behavior

The problem of bots, clickbait farms, and spam over the Facebook network is known for many years. For the last few months, the company spends a lot of money on struggling with these issues. With time, more and more accounts are banned if they are recognized as fakes.

A few days earlier, Facebook reported that more than 800 profiles were banned. They were recognized as the accounts that broke the Facebook rules against spam and their behavior was coordinated but authentic.

These bots were not used for political purposes like Russian or Iranian clickbait farms earlier. Most probably, they were used to clickbait different articles for the ad revenue purposes. These pages used networks that consisted of hundreds of fake accounts.

The interesting moment is that 810 is not a very big number of banned accounts as Facebook previously closed millions of inauthentic profiles. However, this time, the behavior of the network was unique so Facebook decided to point it out.

It seems that such an activity will increase inside the Facebook network because of the US midterm elections. If Facebook does it well, it will be harder to influence the results of elections by using fake account farms.