AirPower From Apple is said to overheat dramatically

AirPower – a wireless charging pad was announced more than a year ago, at the very same time when the iPhone X was advertised. It was supposed to become the first wireless charger produced by the company, and it was meant to be able to charge all the Apple devices at the same time. However, as a result, shows the Apple company bit more than they could chew.

The fact is that the AirPower has a range of issues and overheating is only one of them, but it is an essential one. This explains a lot especially the reason why the device wasn’t present at the announcement of last week.

Even though the problems with overheating were stated a while ago the solution to the problem hadn’t been suggested yet. However, as the rumor says overheating is not the sole issue with the wireless mat. The thing is that the connection with the devices is not stable, and no one knows whether it is overheating to blame or there is an entirely different issue with AirPower.

As you may already understand such an issue will have a bad influence on the company’s name overall, however, no one hasn’t yet confirmed whether the device is canceled or just delayed. Truth be told such a powerful device requires detailed approached and maybe Apple decided to announce it too early. Who knows, time will tell.